The Anais Nin Foundation has a new website!

In connection with all things Anais, the newly revised Anais Nin Foundation website is up and running and it Looks fantastic!!

Well done to these wonderful guys for working so hard!

Tree Wright

Kim Krizan

Steven Reigns

Devon Wright

Eric Wright

You can connect with at their website at :

Or follow them on Instagram at :

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A Cafe in Space Anthology

A big thank you going out to Paul Herron and SkyBlue Press for this amazing collection of all the Cafe in Space journals over the last 15 years.

It is truly a magnificent anthology . Although the Cafe in Space series is coming to an end, Paul and the team at SkyBlue Press are still continuing on their journey into the world of Anais Nin and I am looking forward to what comes next from this talented team. Best of luck !

To get further information on The Cafe in Space Anthology please visit,

On a personal level, I would like thank you Paul for welcoming me into the Anais “ family “. I have met so many fantastic people through you and some have become close friends . You took a chance on my art work and I am forever thankful.

Thank you!

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