San Francisco Art Institute and Fellowship

Good news to report this week

 I have been accepted onto the MFA Studio Practice program at the San Francisco Art Institute starting in August this year.  I have known for a while but due to personal circumstances, I got sidetracked and the news was lost in the maze of events that occurred over the last few months. I have also been awarded a full fellowship from the Institute of which I am very happy and honored to accept.

 Following in the footsteps of Diego Rivera, Ansel Adams, Richard Diebenkorn and Patti Smith who have all studied and exhibited at the school. Am in good company.

 Back to school!!


F213 Panel Discussion

On Saturday, May 11 at Arc Gallery and Studios, Tanya Augsburg moderated a discussion among F213 artists, Lenore Chinn,Nancy Hom,Kristine Mays, Patricia MontgomeryJudy Shintaniand myself 

For 2 hours the panel discussed their work and what motivated them into art activism.

It was a very inspiring, enlightening and passionate discussion and I was very proud and humbled to be around, not just the panel artists, but also all the artists in the gallery that participated in this exhibition.

 Big thank you going out to Tanya Augsburg, Priscilla Otani, Women’s Caucus for Art and Arc Gallery and Studios for stepping out of their comfort zone and curating and exhibiting a very thought-provoking exhibition.  Well done!! 

The Anais Nin Foundation has a new website!

In connection with all things Anais, the newly revised Anais Nin Foundation website is up and running and it Looks fantastic!!

Well done to these wonderful guys for working so hard!

Tree Wright

Kim Krizan

Steven Reigns

Devon Wright

Eric Wright

You can connect with at their website at :

Or follow them on Instagram at :

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A Cafe in Space Anthology

A big thank you going out to Paul Herron and SkyBlue Press for this amazing collection of all the Cafe in Space journals over the last 15 years.

It is truly a magnificent anthology . Although the Cafe in Space series is coming to an end, Paul and the team at SkyBlue Press are still continuing on their journey into the world of Anais Nin and I am looking forward to what comes next from this talented team. Best of luck !

To get further information on The Cafe in Space Anthology please visit,

On a personal level, I would like thank you Paul for welcoming me into the Anais “ family “. I have met so many fantastic people through you and some have become close friends . You took a chance on my art work and I am forever thankful.

Thank you!

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Anais catalogue accepted into UCLA Research and Arts Library - UPDATES!!

Woke up on Friday morning to the most amazing news. The catalogue of the, ' Anais Through the Looking Glass and Other Stories' exhibition has been accepted into the University College of Los Angeles Research and Arts Library. Feeling very proud and accomplished that my art work is side by side by Anais Nin's journals and fiction. Since I have embarked on this journey of telling Anais's story in a different language,  a visual language,  my language - a language that she helped me create with her influence and inspiration, she has had my back. She has opened doors for me that I had never imagined opening, pushed me onwards, introduced me to many other wonderful artists and writers along the way. (Some now good friends). So now I am here beside her. In helping her continue her legacy , she in return has helped to  established mine. Anais, I am forever thankful for what you have done for me.

UPDATE!!! ’Anais Through the Looking Glass and Other Stories’ has also been accepted by the British Library Arts and Research department, John Rylands University Library of Manchester; Bodleian Library Oxford University Arts and Research Library, Harvad Arts and Research Library and my old school of which I am very proud of, St Martins School of Art, London.

News In - The ’Anais Through the Looking Glass and Other Stories’ catalogue has now been accepted at the Royal College of Art!

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A Call to Eroticism - The Panel Discussion

We don’t have a language for the senses. Feelings are images, sensations are like musical  sounds
— Anais Nin, 1932, Journal 1931-1934.

On Saturday, 31st March at the Center for Sex and Culture, to coincide with the exhibition, 'Anais through the Looking Glass and Other Stories', an important panel discussion took place.’ A Call to Eroticism’ . Five eminent artists and writers discussed and examined the need to keep Eroticism and erotic artists and writers like Anais Nin, our protagonist , current and relevant in todays contemporary world.

When Anais Nin was a young woman in the 1930s just starting out, there were no choices for women. Sex and eroticism in the public sphere was exclusively dominated by men. Anais created her own sexual choices and lived by them. Anais was not alone in creating her choices, there were many other brave and forward-thinking women who ventured into making their own choices: thus, creating the beginnings of erotic feminism. What Anais and her peers created back then has come full circle. Women today have many choices regarding their sexuality. Unfortunately, with the rapid grow of social media and the ‘Selfie’, some choices either get lost along the way or become overwhelming. In this age of immediate self-gratification, Anais Nin offers a subtler path: one of sensuality, eroticism and poetry.

All the writers and artists on the panel have written, or visually explored eroticism in their art. Some have been influenced by Anais Nin, some have not. What they all have in common is the need to keep eroticism in the realm of the senses and in the Arts. They are all pioneers in keeping  eroticism alive and are equally as important , if not more so in todays  climate, as Anais Nin herself.

I would like to thank once again, Laura Frost, Steven Reigns, Carol Queen and Dorain Katz for an exceptional afternoon of enlightenment.

For the full panel discussion on, 'A Call to Eroticism', check out the link here